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20 Oct | Cherylann | No Comments

Canadian Holiday Gift Towers for Ontario, Canada

See our Current Christmas Gift Baskets Canadian holiday gift towers are a good choice when sending a Christmas gift basket to Ontario, Canada.  They ship well, look beautiful  and house delicious treats…what more can you ask for.  Our three tier gift towers Warmest Wishes, Tis the Season and Pretty Poinsettias are all very popular.  We …

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16 Oct | Cherylann | No Comments

Whimsical and Fun Christmas Gift Baskets to Canada

Whimsical and Fun Christmas Gifts to Canada are a great alternative to the traditional gift basket.

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7 Oct | Cherylann | No Comments

Inexpensive Gift Baskets

Inexpensive Gift Baskets for Christmas can be found at Boodles of Baskets. Don’t wait too long to order these adorable, affordable gift baskets

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1 Oct | Cherylann | No Comments

Christmas Gift Ideas

Easy, Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas are just a click away at Boodles of Baskets. We offer alternatives to gift baskets that are both fun to send and a joy to receive.

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7 May | Cherylann | No Comments

Women Supporting Women

See our Current Christmas Gift Baskets I have had the pleasure of belonging to several womens business groups.  One, I have spoken of earlier is the Women’s Economic Forum. This is a business women’s networking group. I have also been involved in a few informal women’s business owner groups.  In these groups, business owners meet together (usually 3-6 …

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6 Apr | Cherylann | No Comments

New vs. old Gift Basket Designs

There was a time, not too long ago that pretty much the only gift basket you could send contained either fruit (although fruit baskets can be beautiful, they are perishable) or a combination of crackers, cheeses and meats that looked as if they’d been around since God was a boy.  A few years back, one …

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29 Mar | Cherylann | No Comments

Shipping Gift Baskets to the USA

We have been shipping gift baskets to the USA since the late 1990’s.  Prior to 2002 it was as simple as shipping a gift within Canada, but then 9/11 happened and the US instilled a bioterroism act placing restrictions on the importation of food products and how it could be done.  It happened very quietly and took effect right …

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24 Mar | Cherylann | No Comments

Boodles of Baskets is named one of the top 15 Gift Basket Companies in North America

Being named one of the top 15 gift basket companies in North America was truly an honour and a surprise!  We pledge to continue providing our customers with the same high standards they have grown to expect from Boodles of Baskets!

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22 Mar | Cherylann | No Comments


You will notice that we do not post testimonials on our site, like many other gift basket companies do.  This is a personal decision that I have stood by since the beginning of Boodles of Baskets.  Of course, we do receive many wonderful notes and emails thanking us for our great service and telling us …

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22 Mar | Cherylann | No Comments

Tinker, Tinker

Although our website has recently been rebuilt, it is never done.  Why, you might ask?  I’m a tinkerer. (Not even sure if this is a real word).  A tinkerer, my husband says is someone who is always tweaking and fixing things.  When it comes to Boodles of Baskets, I am the ultimate tinkerer.  I’m always fixing this, …

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