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What is it like to work at Boodles of Baskets?

Many times people are curious about what it is like to work at Boodles of Baskets.  I like to hire stay at home parents (moms mostly), who are looking to earn an income, but still wish to be available to their children and families.  This at times requires a creative work environment.  You see, I WANT school sports, plays and other school events to be incorporated into our work schedule, if a parent wishes to attend.  These precious times will not be repeated and I do not want a parent to miss out. I started this business out of the desire to be available to my family and I want other parents to have the same opportunities ( I also started our dropship program for this same reason).   I am happy to schedule work hours around school schedules if required.  Last week one of our staff, who has an younger son, took March Break off to be with him.  No problem!  “Aren’t I taken advantage of?”, they ask.  The truthful answer is yes, once in a while this does happen, but those staff members usually don’t stick around for long and I don’t view it as a weakness of my character, but of theirs.  The majority of our staff have always appreciated the benefits, willing to go the extra mile, be it coming back after supper for a few hours when the other parent is home, or coming in when the kids are at piano or soccer practice for an hour or so. The secret is we work TOGETHER, to make this the best company that can be, for us, our customers and our families!

Boodles of Baskets