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Balloon Bouquets & Balloon Arrangements in Canada

Our balloon bouquets and arrangements are a fun and special gift to receive. What’s more fun than to receive a bouquet of balloons for your birthday? Or a cheerful arrangement of get well balloons when you’re feeling under the weather or recuperating? Our balloon bouquets are shipped throughout Canada and the USA. So whether they’re celebrating a birthday in Calgary, recuperating in Halifax or welcoming a new baby in Toronto, your balloon gift will be there to cheer them on! Choose from a variety of plush, candy and chocolate add ons to make your arrangement not only sweet to look at, but a sweet treat as well. You may also add a balloon to your gift basket, simply choose the occasion on the basket order page and we’ll add it for you. Although we show only one style of each of our balloon themes below, we, in fact, carry several varieties of each design. Our staff will creatively arrange your balloons to make it aesthetically pleasing for each individual person and occasion. Choose from 1, 2, or 3 balloons in your bouquet. Why only up to three balloons? You see our arrangements are special. We arrange your balloons in a shipping box so that when it is opened, your balloons POP out of the box! All balloons must contain a base of some sort (balloon weight, chocolate, plush animal). To make your balloon and base selections, scroll down to the order area of the page (below the plush items). Our Balloon Bouquets and Balloon Arrangements in Canada are a popular choice for birthdays, get well, new baby and anniversary gifts as well, so think of Boodles of Baskets, not just for our baskets, but our great balloon arrangement s as well.