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You will notice that we do not post testimonials on our site, like many other gift basket companies do.  This is a personal decision that I have stood by since the beginning of Boodles of Baskets.  Of course, we do receive many wonderful notes and emails thanking us for our great service and telling us how well the gift was received.  We’ve been told “these are the best cookies I’ve ever tasted” and “I haven’t had such great fudge since my grandmother made it” and “Your gift basket was much appreciated and enjoyed, thank you for the fast delivery”.  Why don’t we post these comments on our site?  Well, for me, these are personal notes from my customers  to me, and I want to protect their privacy.  It shouldn’t matter to you how pleased “John Smith” is with his service and gift, only that I am going to make sure YOU are pleased with yours.  Most testimonials are signed with the person’s first name only.  How do you know that there was even such a person who wrote such a comment?  I am much more interested in standing behind my business and telling you firmly and honestly, I will take care of you, I will make sure your gift is beautiful and I will make sure to send it out quickly, and then doing just that.  I grew up in a time when your word was your bond, and a handshake was enough to seal a deal.  Although I sincerely appreciate every single note I have received, and they do truly touch my heart and make me proud of my company and our service, they will remain treasured, in my own personal private files.  I will look forward to receiving each one, and each time I read another, it will reaffirm my committment to you, our customers, to be the best resource for gifts and gift baskets available!

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BCRB-Best Business In Canada

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