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BBB-Better Business Bureau

Although we have been in business since 1995, we only joined the Better Business Bureau, this past year.  Why, you might wonder?  We had never had a complaint against our business. So why join all of a sudden?  The reason is quite interesting.  I bought a Jeep Wrangler last summer and I wanted to buy a custom tire cover for the spare.  My tires are extra large, so I was unable to find anything locally.  I went to the web.  There were several companies out there, all unknown to me.  I had never done any research for Jeep products, so everything was very foreign.  Finally, I came across a site that had what I wanted.  They were in the USA.  And then I saw it.  They were a member of the BBB.  I clicked on the link and was able to see they were in good standing.  I immediately felt comfortable placing an order with them, which I did.  I received my tire cover quickly and was very satisfied with their service.

So I began to think. Is that how customers feel when they first visit my site?  We’re not a household name like Best Buy or Walmart.  Would being a member provide them with a level of comfort that I was not yet providing?  I KNOW, that I am reputable and can be trusted, but how does a first time customer know that? I truly want to make gift shopping easy, safe and comfortable.  Would going this extra step help me to meet this goal?  Obviously, I felt the answer was yes, as I applied for membership to the BBB.  Has it helped?  I don’t know. But just knowing that it might help someone trust us enough to place their first order, is enough for me.  Once they’ve placed an initial order, I am confident that they will then know that we offer beautiful baskets, top of the line customer service and a fast delivery service. But until then, I want them to know that, when they see that BBB certificate, they have a friend in the gift basket industry.

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