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How Do I Choose What is the Best Gift to Send?

Whenever I receive a call from my customers in need of a gift, the first things I ask are “who is the gift for?”, “what is the occasion”, “is this person a child, teen or adult?” As we talk, I also like to find out what the customer would like the gift to “feel” like.  Sometimes, I am already aware, if, for example, they need a sympathy gift, that it will be something more sedate and somber.  However, if they’re sending it to a friend, it might be very cheery, comedic, or more formal, depending on how well they know the recipient.  All of these things need to be taken into consideration when sending a gift.  That is one of the reasons I expanded our gift basket business into cookies, cakes, fudge and popcorn, to ensure we can recommend something that will be just right for each and every customer.