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Largest Internet Gift and Basket Offerings in Canada

It has come to our attention, after many comments by our customers over the years, that we are, indeed, the largest internet gift and basket  company in Canada.   Not only do we offer fabulous gift baskets,candy bouquets, cookie bouquets, flowers and balloons at our two sites Boodles of Baskets and Gift Baskets Canada , but we also offer cookies, cakes, fudge, popcorn and Webkinz at our sister stores:

Boodles of Cookies

Boodles of Cakes

Boodles of Fudge

Boodles of Popcorn

Boodles of Webkinz

We are the oldest, singlularly owned, gift company on the internet.  Although it is hard to tell by the general public, many of the gift basket companies online are either new, or have changed owners during their years in operation.

The Boodles companies are not a franchise.  They are singularly owned and operated by Cherylann Stachow since the inception of her first store Boodles of Baskets in 1995.

Cherylann’s vision to provide the best internet gift shopping experience, shows that with very hard work, enthusiasm and a wish to be the best, all your wishes can come true.

Although the companies standard hours are Mon-Fri 9:30 am-4:30 pm EST, many customers can attest to calling very late in the evening, very early in the morning or on weekends or holidays to the cheery voice of our founder, Cherylann, happy to help them with their gifting needs.

Her philosophy of going above and beyond often find her in the office well past or well before the regular business day.  Asked why she chooses to answer the phone when she’s in during these times, she simply states:  “Well they must need something, so why not help them out if I can?”  Cherylann has even gone so far as to recommend other companies if she is unable to meet the customers needs!

She inspires staff, family and friends with her warmth, enthusiasm and dedication.  A truly inspiring representative of today’s entrepreneur.