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Gift Baskets Canadians like – Full List

Canada is among the top most friendliest countries in the world. This is because Canadians love get-togethers and celebrations. So with Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, National Flag Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Boxing Day, and several other celebrations observed throughout the year that Canadians use as an excuse to present gift baskets to their loved ones.


Now, that leaves no doubt why gift baskets are very popular in Canada. With the great demand for gift baskets, you can find a huge variety of gift baskets for all occasions on, where you can order and get delivered all over Canada in just one click. However, if you’re confused about choosing a gift basket, here’s a list of the top gift baskets  that Canadians like the most.

Perfect gift baskets for the fans of Godiva. Its beautifully designed gift basket featuring Godiva chocolates and some gourmet items. It’s among the most popular gift baskets in Canada that people use for various occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, new year, Christmas, etc.

Spa gift baskets are another top-selling gift basket in Canada. The reason is it’s all-in-one relaxation kit with all self-care products like moisturizers, essential oils, organic soaps, bubble baths, body butter, bath salt, body brush, shampoo and loads of other relaxing spa items packed beautifully in a gift bag. Due to the high demand for spa baskets in Canada, you can find a wide range of varieties in these baskets.


Some top picks of Canadians include Pamper Plus and Rejuvenate gift baskets. You can send it to any special woman you care about, from mother, grandmother to your girlfriend or wife.

Snacks are for all, from the young and old to men and women. That’s why it’s no surprise why Canadians like classic snack gift baskets filled with candies, chocolates, biscuits, chips and other confectionery items. It’s a perfect gift basket for any celebration occasion and for people with a sweet tooth.

Valentine’s Day and New year’s eve are among the topmost celebrated occasions in Canada. These are times of the years when gift shopping is at its peak all over Canada. And to express love, Canadians prefer Valentine’s Day Gift towers a lot.

Talking about the gift baskets and celebrations, how can we forget a wine lover’s gift basket? It’s among a luxurious gift basket, perfect for all occasions. The best thing about the wine gift basket is that it comes with so much variety suitable for every budget and occasion.


For example, you can get a luxury basket featuring a Pelee Island Merlot bottle, premium chocolate, salted caramel bar, nuts, a tin of butterscotch candy drop and some other snacks packed in a wooden crate. Or you can also choose different wine gift baskets with a combination of cheese and crackers.


Final Words

Presenting gift baskets to your loved ones is a great way to show love and devotion. It validates and reinforces your relationship with the recipient and creates a symbolic communication if you’re hours or states away from your loved one.

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