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Back to School at Boodles of Baskets

Heading back to school at our house is bittersweet.  Back to school means back to the hustle and bustle.  It also means we get back to our routines, which can be a good thing.  You know that feeling we used to get, going back to school that first day?  It didn’t matter what grade, the feelings were always the same.  Well, I still have that feeling, on the first day of school, but for me, its my first day back in the office (not really, but it feels that way).
Although we have been planning and ordering our Christmas products since last January, now our samples begin to arrive, and I get to start creating our Christmas. The anticipation of our creations and offerings has always had an intoxicating effect on me.  I start humming Jingle Bells or Silent Night and begin thinking of those first crisp winter days just around the corner.  Living in Ontario, our seasons seem to have the ability of announcing the arrival of holidays, be it the first soft snowflakes promising the coming of Christmas, or the warm winds, soft rainfalls and budding crocus of Spring, announcing Easter, our anticipation is heightened by the changing seasons.  When school begins in September, our nights are starting to cool and you can almost see the leaves begin to change.  At Boodles of Baskets, we embrace those changes and the anticipation of what’s to come, by preparing beautiful Thanksgiving, Fall and Christmas gift basket designs that we hope will please our customers and those who will be receiving our gifts. To celebrate the return to school, we even offer a tongue and cheek Student Survival basket, for those students going away to school.  Back to school may be the end of summer, but it is also a beginning, a blank page, that is yet to be written and I would not want it any other way.