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Summer Time at Boodles of Baskets

Long before the last day of school, I am busily planning Christmas.  Although this seems very unusual to those not in this industry, it makes perfect sense for Boodles of Baskets.  Gift shows begin showing their wares for the upcoming Christmas season in January and in order for us to be able to offer the newest, creative options for gift giving to our customers, we shop early.
Long before the last day of school, we are also planning our summer vacations.  We spend as much time as we can, camping with our family.  We have done this since our children were little.  Now that some of our children are older, they may not be able to attend all of our camping excursions, but they will almost always come up for a few days.
How are these two related, you might wonder?  Well, although the shopping is done early in the year, the brainstorming, is done while camping.  There is something about being away from phones, TV’s and computers that gets my juices flowing.  As I’ve said in earlier posts, some of our expansions have even been born while I have been up in the great Ontario north.  Getting away from the day to day operation (I have wonderful staff, which makes this all possible), is truly a benefit.  Sitting in the warm sun, looking at the wind dancing through huge pines and listening to the birds singing, calms, and energizes my soul.  Camping is my idea of a “Spa” vacation. It is amazing how much work and planning you can get done when you’re “not working”, but instead enjoying the laughter of children and the crackling of a blazing fire!