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Mother’s Day is Coming!

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Whew, we’ve barely digested the Easter ham and our thoughts are turning to Mother’s Day.  Maybe it is because Spring is in the air.  When I think of Spring, I think of gardening.  Growing up, my grandparents owned a farm.  It wasn’t a large farm, but it seemed enormous when I was just 12 years old.  Springtime was very busy on the farm.  My family had our own family plot where we would plant all sorts of vegetables.  At home, my mother would be busy preparing our family gardens for plantings.  The anticipation of the amazing summer displays she created were almost to hard to wait for!  I loved helping in both the family plot and the flower gardens.  The tradition has stayed with me.  Every Mother’s Day weekend I get out my garden gloves and tools and get to work preparing my gardens.  My “gift” from my family is to let me have the whole weekend (starting Friday night) to shop for plants, prepare, and plant, my gardens and hanging baskets.  Monday morning I feel like I’ve been on a mini vacation (except as I get older, every muscle in my body is struggling to move)!

Maybe this is why Mother’s Day at Boodles wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without a few gardening gift baskets.  This year, we are again offering our Green Thumb gift basket as well as introducing the Le Petit Jardin basket.  Both offer top of the line products that are perfect for cleaning up after a day of gardening.  Of couse, for those of us who are getting up there, we also offer some wonderful pamper baskets, including fabulous bath salts that will ease those aching muscles.  We even have some fragrance free alternatives for those who are sensitive to fragranced bath baskets.

New this year is our healthy alternative gift basket for Mother’s Day.  We introduced this line because of requests from customers to offer healthy, organic alternatives.  The cookies in this basket are a staff favorite and the granola, eaten right out of the box, makes a great snack, or add some milk  for a delicious breakfast choice.

We are offering 17 Mother’s Day Gift Basket designs on our websites and . Feel free to check them out.  We’re sure, you’ll find a basket that your mother will love!