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Memories…or lack there of!

Although I am not very old (my kids might disagree), I am comfortably resting in the middle age category.  My memory however, hovers around that of a 100 year old!  I noticed my mind slowly retaining less and less information after the birth of my first child.  By the time my 4th child was born, I was just happy to remember that I had 4 children!  Really, I mean it is really, really bad.  I have forgotten so many things, I’m embarrassed to admit it, (plus the fact that I probably won’t remember to tell you half the stuff that I’ve forgotten)!

Being a business owner, mother and wife, just doesn’t allow me to be forgetful.  So I’ve come up with many creative ways to remind myself of my daily tasks and important jobs.  First I have my faithful agenda.  Everything gets written down-from phone calls, to appointments, to lists of “to do”.  This has been a God send.  I find I am less stressed trying to remember what I need to remember and can concentrate on what needs to get done!  Then I have my timer.  The timer is to remind me that I have something to do at a specific time.  When the timer goes off, I look in my agenda to see what and where I’m supposed to be doing and going (yes, my memory is this bad).  And last but not least, there are my sticky notes.  I place sticky notes in specific locations like a cupboard door, or the kitchen counter if I need to do something right away in the morning before I would even look at my agenda.  Sad, but effective!

Being a business owner for the past 15 years has taught me that when something is not working, you must adapt.  If things or the times are changing, you must also change.  Why should my memory be any different? Just because my memory is no longer in my head, but on various pieces of papers does not mean it works any less efficiently, just differently.  Being adaptable and poised for change is one of my strong points.  I’ve taken a weakness and made it strong by adapting.  Not bad for a middle aged wife, mother and business owner, eh?!

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