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When Should I send a Gift Basket?

Gift baskets have a place in many daily celebrations.  Be it a baby gift basket to celebrate the birth of a new baby , a birthday basket to acknowledge the birthday of your best friend, child or spouse, or a wedding or anniversary basket to congratulate the new couple, gift baskets, made right, have a way of bringing a smile to the faces of those lucky enough to receive them.  I think it is the whole idea of gift baskets that make them so special.  The doorbell rings, or better yet a delivery person approaches your desk, and there waiting for you is a beautiful, delicious looking gift basket.

Peeking through the cellophane wrapping, you can see delicious treats like fine chocolates,  gourmet nuts, chocolate drizzled popcorn, and your mouth starts watering.  You scrap all plans for the lunch you were GOING to eat and start thinking about what your going to devour from your gift basket first!

If a gift basket is chosen well, it doesn’t matter how many baskets the recipient receives in their lifetime, it will always be a well received and appreciated gift.