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French Gift Basket Names

You may notice from our site that we have several baskets with a French connection.  Le chocolat, Bon Appetit and French Canadian to name a few.  I am proud of my French Canadian heritage.  My parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents all spoke French in their homes.  When I was being raised however, English was spoken.  I took French throughout high school, went to Quebec for a summer session in French and even spoke French in my previous career as a Nursery School Teacher.  When our children came along, they were sent to English school as there were no French schools in our vicinity, and my husband did not speak the language.  Sadly, over the past 21 years, I have not had occasion to practice my French on any kind of regular basis, so I find I have lost a lot of it.  I do on occasion, have customers who speak solely French and we have been able to communicate enough so that their orders can be processed and sent out as they like, but I sometimes struggle during our conversation to find the words that I need, to say what I mean. I am able to translate French messages on gift cards if staff is unsure on what is what, but I am saddened at the loss of the fluency I once enjoyed.

The silver lining to this story is we are lucky to have a French community center which offers conversational French courses. As yet, I have not been able to take advantage of them due to time constraints, but it is definitely something I will search out in the future, not because I need it, but because I want to be able to pass this part of our family’s heritage onto my children’s children and keep it alive for future generations!

Bonne Chance!