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Tinker, Tinker

Although our website has recently been rebuilt, it is never done.  Why, you might ask?  I’m a tinkerer. (Not even sure if this is a real word).  A tinkerer, my husband says is someone who is always tweaking and fixing things.  When it comes to Boodles of Baskets, I am the ultimate tinkerer.  I’m always fixing this, improving that, be it the website, gift basket design techniques or our office procedures.  I’m a perfectionist at heart, what can I say!  Just when I think I might be done (when I announce this to my husband, he gives me that one eyebrow-lifted look that says, “yeah right, I’ve heard this before”), I find some inspiration that sends me off on another flurry of creating and improving.  There are just so many neat new things to experiment with and learn, I can’t resist.  I know I’m not the only one out there like this.  I’m even sure some of you reading this, might in fact be closet tinkerers!  It’s okay, embrace your tinkerishness (I’m SURE this is not really a word!), smile and tinker away!