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Being Self-employed

I never suspected back in college that I would one day be an enterpreneur.  I graduated as an Early Childhood Educator and began working at an enriched nursery school right away. I loved every minute, working with the children.  Once my husband and I started our family, we both agreed that I would stay home for their early years.  Once my last child (at the time) started school, I began thinking of what I was going to do.  I felt so torn.  I wanted to be home when my children were home, but I also wanted to help my wonderful husband with the financial aspects of raising a family.

I can’t tell you how I came up with the idea of starting my own business.  We often joke that it took me nine months ( just like our children) to birth the idea.  It started as a tiny seed and slowly grew.  In hindsight, I guess it was inevitable that I would be self-employed.  I am a very self motivated, “A” personality.  I don’t like others telling me what to do.  I am a hard worker and no one can push me harder then myself.  I like to help others (I have been on too many boards to count and my volunteer hours should be counted in years, not hours!) Lastly, I am a perfectionist at heart. When I read articles about being self-employed it just seemed to be a nice “fit”.  I know I made the right decision when I started Boodles of Baskets and Gift Baskets Canada because I can honestly say that I love going to work every day.  (More on work days in my next post)