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It has been many years since we welcomed a new member into our family. But…last Sunday, April 19th…we welcomed a new puppy!  Although different than having a child, I have a new found appreciation of how much work we do as mothers. Having this puppy brings back memories of the busyness of early motherhood.  Getting up in the middle of the night (for bathroom breaks), needing to keep an eye on them every minute to make sure they are not getting into mischief, multiple times outside for bathroom breaks (remember toilet training?), making sure they have eaten and drank enough water, giving them lots of attention and snuggles, the list is endless!

Although I now have all these added responsibilities, I am also very grateful for them.  Having a puppy has forced me to slow down and “smell the roses” so to speak. This is the first year in I don’t know how long that I have virtually watched my garden bloom before my eyes (this is possible, because I am outside every hour for 5-10 minutes).  I have been able to watch every step of a tree’s blossom, heard the birds chirping and watched the world come to life!  I have also watched the pure joy and excitement when our puppy gets wet from the rain, comes into the house, and runs 100 miles an hour around the house, so excited that he literally trips over himself trying to wag his tail!  I have watched the joy on my childrens’ faces as he greets them at the door. For these experiences, I am truly thankful. I would never have had them if he had not joined our family.

I know that even without a puppy, I could have gone out to the gardens, taken the time to enjoy the warm spring air. Would I have done so?  I doubt it. This experience has taught me that, sometimes, taking a detour, is meant to be. For me, it was getting this puppy.  He has reminded me to stop, look and listen. To see things I’ve been taking for granted, with fresh eyes. It’s hard to believe something that fits in my two palms was able to do all that!

Gotta go…time to go outside and see what else is blooming! 🙂