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Realtor Gifts

Picture this:  You are a realtor and have clients with young children, moving to a new city, where they know no one.  The day has been long.  They’ve packed up their old home, said good bye to dear friends and family, driven (sometimes for hours) to their new home and now must begin the long chore of unpacking, while keeping the children entertained and happy even though they are missing their old friends and want to go “home”.  Then, a knock on the door.  A friendly delivery driver is there to present a beautiful gift basket filled with an assortment of ready to eat gourmet items including nuts, chocolates, candies, tea, coffee and cookies.  Can you imagine the feelings?  They are not alone, they’ve made the right decision and they are being welcomed to their new home, neighborhood and lives.  You’ve remembered them……and they will remember you…forever.  Unsure?  We’ve seen it happen!  We can incorporate your company logo, business cards and other items directly into your gift basket.  Want to know more?  Give us a call 866-308-4438 or visit our website at