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christmas gift wrapping materials

How to Wrap a Gift Basket for Christmas & Other Occasions

christmas gift wrapping materials

How to Wrap a Gift Basket for Christmas & Other Occasions

Gift baskets are nice ways to show loved ones that you care while saving you time trying to figure out the perfect gift. A gift basket always contains various items, so with the right amount of choice, you’re sure to find a basket that will please your loved ones! 

If you want to give a Christmas gift of distinction to your friends, family, or co-workers this year, a beautifully wrapped gift basket makes a statement. And if you are the artsy type and want to build your own basket, our Boodles of Baskets experts have outlined the steps below explaining  how to wrap a gift basket like a pro. 

And don’t forget, our mini guide can be applied to any holiday and occasion, not just Christmas!

Grab a Basket and Some Cellophane

Creating a gift basket has several steps:

Step 1: Buy the Gifts

A gift basket consists of several items, such as one large item with a few small ones or many small items related to each other. For example, all of the items can be food related or have a few kitchen tools included.  

Step 2: Select a Basket

Group your items together and measure their overall length, width, and depth to ensure that you get the right size of basket. Wicker baskets are the traditional choice and have a rustic appeal. However, you can opt for other material, including cardboard and metal. The basket can have one or more handles, but this is a matter of look and preference.

Step 3: Wrap  

Once you’ve selected your items and assembled them in the gift basket of your choice, it’s time to start wrapping! If you’re shipping your gift basket via mail, you may want to consider wrapping each item separately with shrink wrap for cushioning.

Here is where you can have fun with the layout:

  • Choose wrapping materials that match the theme of your basket or stick to a three-colour palette. For Christmas, this could be green, red, and silver. You can also add other decorative touches, such as cellophane that has a design in it but still allows for visibility.
  • Tie ribbon on all of the gift items and the basket handles
  • Wrap the basket with enough cellophane that there is access above the basket’s highest point. Bring the edges of the cellophane together to encapsulate the basket. Form a twist tie at the top with the cellophane, securing it with ribbon. You can also add a bow on top with tape.
  • Keep your basket a mystery by using wrapping paper instead of cellophane. 

If you’re shipping the gift basket, place it in a large enough box that allows for some extra room. Place packing paper inside to prevent the gift basket from moving around too much.

Boodles of Baskets Christmas Ideas to Help You Out

When you don’t have time to shop for and wrap a gift basket, you can turn to us! We have a wide range of gift baskets that can also be customized. Here a sample of our selection:

  • Limited Edition: This gift basket offers many premier edible goodies in a wooden box, such as a large bag of Almond Roca, biscotti, a large box of maple cookies, smoked salmon, gourmet wine gums, and Sonoma Jack cheese.
  • Mosaic Gift Baskets: This is technically a gift tower, which includes five boxes to open. The treats inside include mini maple cookies, caramel corn, chocolate chip shortbread cookies, salted butterscotch shortbread, and Laura Secord fudge. 

Thanksgiving Gift Baskets

Christmas isn’t the only holiday that takes place during the holiday season. If you have American friends or family that you can or can’t visit this Thanksgiving, show how grateful you are to have them in your life with one of our Canada gift baskets or make your own! 

Remember, you can add little touches like red and white ribbon and fake maple leaves to give them a taste of Canadian culture. Or send them some homegrown maple treats!

Gift Basket Ideas for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa

Gift-giving isn’t essential, but it shows that you’re thinking about others. For your family and friends who don’t celebrate Christmas, you can make a Hanukkah or Kwanzaa gift basket. 

While you can use wrapping materials that have the colours and symbols related to each of these holidays, you can also add a homemade touch by using cloth wrapping paper and ribbon. This provides a less commercial vibe, connecting more with the intimacy of spending time with loved ones.

Too Busy? Let Boodles of Baskets Take Care of the Gift Wrapping

Our experts can help you customize your gift baskets and wrap them up in a professional and tasteful display. Whether it’s the holiday season or the start of spring, we’re happy to take away the stress of gift-giving and gift-wrapping. Send our baskets across Canada or the United States to celebrate any and every occasion.

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