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Gift Baskets and Working Mothers

When my children were very young, I had the luxury of being a full-time, stay at home mom and I relished every minute of it.  I know this is not possible for many mothers.  (I also know that there are some, who enjoy working outside of the home, and I respect them for their decision).  My heart bled, however, for the moms who truly would have liked to be at home, but could not afford to do this.  When I began my business, centered around my family, I was determined to help those mothers if I could.  When I first started the business, I purposely kept it small, allowing it to grow, as my children did, so that it would not take over my life.  When I began hiring staff, I tried to hire stay at home moms. Moms who need to bring in an income, but still want to be there for their children.  I do this by offering flexible scheduling.  The moms that work for me, come in after their children are off to school and they leave in plenty of time to be home when their children arrive, if need be.  School field trips or important events in their lives are scheduled in, so that our working moms can attend.

After being in business several years, I thought of another way to help stay at home moms.  I created a drop ship program that would allow moms to inexpensively start a business from home, without any overhead, work short hours, that can be scheduled around their children, and bring in an income.  Although it may not seem like much to others, I am very proud to be able to help other moms who are looking to spend as much time as possible with their children.