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Gift Baskets She Will Love

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Gift Baskets She Will Love



A gift basket she will love, this beautiful planter can be re-used to plant her favorite flowers after she enjoys all the delicious treats, including Lindt truffles, Laura Secord Fudge, Walker’s shortbread (2), French truffles, chai tea and chocolate chip cookies.

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Mothers Day is just around the corner. Looking for gift baskets she will love for that perfect mother? This Chocolates, Tea and Cookies gift basket is the perfect gift.

This cute and sweet tea cup planter consists of Lindt truffles, Laura Secord Fudge, Walkers shortbread cookies, French truffles, chai tea and of course everyone’s favourite, chocolate chip cookies.

When you think of Mother’s Day, you can’t help but think of spring and blooming flowers. This tea cup planter would make the perfect addition to any garden. Once all the sweet treats are gone. She can plant her favourite flower and watch it grow!

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