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Gift Baskets-Boodles of Baskets-What’s in a Name?

You might be wondering where the name Boodles of Baskets came from?  Quite simply, it was named by my son, who was 7 years old at the time.  When the children were very young, we had a bedtime routine.  Bedtime snacks, bath-time, stories and then a lullaby or two until they fell asleep.  Once they were a little older if they were not asleep after this time, I would tuck them in and leave the room, but not before our good night ritual.  One of us would start by saying “I love you”, the other one “I love you more”, then “I love you boodles”, then “I love you katroodles”, it went on and on until someone couldn’t think of another “oodle” word.  As they got older, I was always the one left stumped!  When I received my first shipment of basket samples, my son Joshua walked into the room and announced, “Wow mom, this is Boodles of Baskets!”  The name stuck!  So when I say my family has been involved from the beginning, I truly mean it!