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Gardener’s Gift Basket


Green Thumb

Green Thumb

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When Mother’s Day arrives, my family has it easy.  I am an avid gardener, so my only wish for Mother’s Day is to be able to hit the garden centers, come home with beautiful plants and plant to my hearts desire.  There is something about starting with a fresh, clean slate (our back yard) and hours later having it totally renewed.  We have a large garden, as well as patio planters and gardens surrounding the pool.  I get much joy out of working the soil, adding organic matter, planting, fussing and watching my work come to life throughout the year.  Several years ago, one of my suppliers and I got talking about gardening.  She mentioned they carried a pamper line made especially for the gardener.  I ordered some right away and I was hooked!  This year we are offering our Green Thumb basket with many of these products in it.  The basket includes Gardener’s hand scrub with organic aloe and walnut shells, hand lotion with organic soy bean oil, a large bath mitt, antibacterial hand wash with tea tree and organic aloe, foaming bath grains with lavender essential oils (for soaking away sore muscles), lip balm, a nail brush and some lemonade and ice tea drink mixes to quench your thirst.  Let me tell you these products work!  As spring approaches, I look forward to again digging my hands down deep into the soil and watching my garden come to life.