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That’s a Wrap!

There is much more to gift baskets than throwing a bunch of things in a basket and wrapping it up.  A proper gift basket will be designed to be pleasurable to the eyes as well as the stomach.  One of the things we do at Boodles of Baskets is to use special techniques to ensure the basket is wrapped correctly so that the items inside remain stable.  To enhance the presentation of our gift baskets, we hand wrap each one in decorative cellophane.  Many gift basket companies cut corners by using gift bags or clear cellophane, which gives the impression that the basket was purchased from a large chain, instead of a specialty shop.  Not at Boodles of Baskets.  We use quality grade custom printed cellophane.  If you have a baby basket, the cellophane wrap will have the alphabet or butterflies or something equally appropriate. Men’s baskets are wrapped in sports themed wrap, or another masculine themed wrap, sympathy baskets have a respectful heavily printed cellophane in darker tones, and so on.  Once our gifts are carefully wrapped they are topped with hand-tied bows.  Pull bows, an inexpensive, time saving bow, are not welcome at Boodles of Baskets.  Our bow colors are carefully coordinated with the cellophane and hand pulled, so each one is unique.  In our specialty gift shop, each basket is worked on, one at a time, built to our high standards, wrapped, bowed and prepared for delivery by real people, who are proud of their work.  No way will anyone think this is from a big box store!