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Corporate Gifting

Giving a gift in the corporate environment is a standard practice.  Sending gifts through your corporation is an appropriate way to show appreciation, offer condolences, congratulations and many other wishes which are difficult to express solely through words.  Gift baskets are sent for many reasons including:

To attract a potential client/prospect
As a thank you for completion of an important project or job
The opening of a new office
To welcome a new employee to the company
To a client or employee who has had a death in their family
Business milestone, merger, restructuring or anniversary
Holiday Corporate gift giving at Christmas, Thanksgiving or New Year’s
Thanking a client
To market or promote your products or service
To improve employee moral
As a group gift to a team who has gone above and beyond
An apology to a colleague or customer
For an employee or client who is ill
Baby basket for a colleague or employee who has had a baby or adopted a child.
A gesture of goodwill
A wedding or retirement
An apology basket when you’ve made an error

The gift has to be neither expensive or extravagant.  The main goal is to send a gift to convey your feelings and if sent with sincerity, it will be appreciated.