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Gift baskets and gifts of appreciation in the business world are an important aspect in many businesses.  Although, many of our corporate clients choose to do a majority of their gift giving during the Christmas, holiday season, we have noticed over the past few years that some clients are choosing to think outside the box by sending their seasonal gifts for Thanksgiving, or even New Year’s.  Thanksgiving sentiments can include “during this time of year, when we think of all we are thankful for, we think of you. Thank you for being such great clients.”  New Year’s baskets can be sent the first week of the new year.  Gifts at this time are a great choice, as everyone is getting back to work after enjoying the holidays and that first week can seem awfully long.  A New Year’s gift can be themed as “Thank you for everything in 20__, we look forward to working with you towards another successful year.”  Further customization is available by taking advantage of our imprinting options.  We can custom imprint your company name and a holiday message on ribbon and display it on your basket as a sash (think Miss America). We are here to assist you.  If you require help with these, or other gift giving needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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