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5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day

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Mother's Day Table


5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mom on Mother’s Day


Your mother works hard all day, every day. She might have her own job, make meals, tend to the house, and even find the time to take care of the kids. How does she do it? 

Mom can not only be your mother, but she can also be your daughter who has children of her own or your grandmother who has spoiled you rotten. It’s time to show her how much you care and appreciate all that she does. 

Not sure what to do for her? We’ve listed Mother’s day gift basket ideas to help you say, “I love you, Mom”!


Relax at a Spa

Make an appointment at a spa to give her some “me time” where she can be pampered. This could also be the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with her. Catch up on how she’s been while getting your nails done—and yes, men can get theirs done, too, so don’t be shy!

The spa also has treatments that will soothe arthritis and sore muscles. Infrared saunas are better than traditional ones because the heat directly enters the body rather than simply being in the air when steam is used. If your mom has been feeling out of sorts lately, acupuncture can rebalance her energy by stimulating certain areas of the body. 

The spa has so many services that she’s sure to enjoy herself!


Go to the Beach

Depending on where you live, you may be able to walk or drive over to the beach. Here, you can both relax and get some sun if the weather has finally gotten warm enough. If it’s still too cold to go swimming, toss the Frisbee around and have a picnic instead. 


Do Some Gardening

Many mothers prefer digging around in the dirt and making their yard come alive with vibrant flowers and delicious vegetables. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, help your mother with the heavy-lifting or contribute to her landscape design. However, don’t try to force your ideas on her. If she asks for your opinion or needs some ideas, by all means, go for it. 

Whether you head over to your local greenhouse and spend hours marvelling at the plants or work together under the hot sun, it will mean a lot to your mother. 


Have a Shopping Day

Shopping is great for giving your mom a change of scenery and ample opportunity to talk with you. You can discuss the latest fashion trends while trying on clothes or let her vent about her job while looking at home décor. Shopping is a form of meditation, making it an excellent way to spend Mother’s Day. If she doesn’t feel like leaving the house, you can always shop online together.

And you can tack on other activities, such as going to a movie, touring a museum, or having lunch at her favourite little café.


Make Her Day a Little Extra Special

Even if you don’t have any big plans, just sharing some quality time with your mom is good enough. Make her breakfast or help her around the house. Is she in another city or country? Have a Skype or Face-Time chat with her. It’s the little things that mean a lot. 

But Boodles of Baskets can help you make it more meaningful with a Mother’s Day gift basket. They come with so many gourmet goodies, from chocolates to tea to coffee to salty snacks. We ship to anywhere in Canada and the USA! 

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