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How Stay at Home Mom’s Can Make a Little Extra Cash

When I started this business, 17 years ago, one of my main reasons for starting it, was so that I could be available to my 3 children, at the time, (child #4 arrived in year 2 of the business).  As an Early Childhood Educator, I wanted to be the one raising my children.  So I researched how I could supplement our family income while still meeting those goals.  Boodles of Baskets was the result of this research.

Over the years, I have tried to help other stay at home moms in various ways. One of the ways I’ve done this is to hire stay at home moms and have them work around their children’s school schedules including field trips and presentations.  As well, some of my past suppliers were small home businesses.

Another way that I have tried to help stay at home moms (and dad’s) for that matter is through our program. The program basically works like this. We provide you with all of the images, pricing, descriptions, etc, everything you need to add to your website.  You will need your own website to add our items to, and a way to accept payments.  Once you have set up your website, you begin selling our gifts and baskets. When you get an order, you process the payment at the retail price, turn around and log into our drop ship site and place your order at the wholesale cost.  We charge your credit card this wholesale amount and ship the gift out under your company name.  No need to carry inventory or worry about expired product.  We send you tracking numbers for all your orders so that you and your customer can confirm delivery.

If you’re looking for a way to earn extra income from home, feel free to read about our program at