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What to buy my mom for Mother’s Day?

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While everyone else has a little bit of time to think about what to get their mom for Mother’s Day, we at Boodles of Baskets are making our decisions now. Why?  Because in another week or so, we will be sooo busy making gift baskets for your mothers that we will have a hard time remembering our own mother’s name for those few days!

So, what to get.  I’ve already made my decision.  I will be customizing a basket for my mom.  We are now carrying a unscented, fragrance free pamper line and since my mom has a fragrance sensitivity , I will definitely be including some of this fabulous product.  My mother is also a diabetic so I will be adding a few of our sugar free gift basket items as well.

Huh? You didn’t know we can customize our baskets?  Well now you do!  Feel free to find the items you like from our selections and we can quote you a price to assemble them for you into a custom design that will be just right for your mom!