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We’re Environmentally Friendly-Are You?

Having a farming background, our family has always been environmentally conscience, even before it was the “cool” thing to do.  We are trying to raise our children to be environmentally aware as well, through our examples.  Our children think it is perfectly normal to 1) have a compost heap 2) pick up garbage we see and dispose of it properly when going for hikes or walks, 3) recycle 4) reuse, to name a few.  Through our various camping trips, our children have had the privilege of seeing nature up close and personal. They relish seeing chipmunks, bear, deer/fawns, beavers/kits, along with a vast variety of birds.  We have explained to them that it is our responsibility to maintain and protect our world for ourselves, plants, animals and future generations and that the little things we do matter as much as the larger things.

At Boodles of Baskets, we too try to be environmentally friendly.  We do so by using recycled paper for printing, having an online store to avoid catalog printing, using recycled products whenever possible (printer paper, toilet paper), using energy efficient light bulbs, turning off all lights when not needed, having cloth towels in the bathroom, real dishes for lunches etc.  Any end ribbons, cellophane pieces or reusable items are donated to our local schools to be reused for crafts.  We do not use Styrofoam peanuts for packaging.  We shut down computer systems when not in use and use reusable containers for our basket bases.  We do not use air conditioning most of the summer, choosing to dress lightly and open the windows. We coordinate our local deliveries on the most efficient route and do any business related errands on route.

When I began to write this post, it was actually difficult to come up with ways we are helping our environment, because, honestly, we’ve been doing it for so long, it is simply second nature.  To us, there is no other way of doing things.  We believe that this planet is our responsibility and hope others will take a moment to think of this great planet of ours and choose to do their part in protecting it and keeping it beautiful.