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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021

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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2021


Sunny days are here again, making it that time of year to celebrate the motherly figure in your life by showing how much they mean to you! Surprise Mom, Grandma, your daughter, or your mother-in-law with one of these special Mother’s Day gift ideas!

With May 9th fast approaching, you will want to prepare ahead of time to avoid shipping and delivery delays. Many people around the world still can’t travel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t send Mom a little something to remind her to take things easy on her day. 

Take a gander at some of these excellent Mother’s Day gift ideas and find the right one for your Mom!

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What is the Best Gift for Mother’s Day?


The best gift for Mom is always something you’ve put some thought into, so think about her tastes, lifestyle, and whether or not she’s been hinting about something lately. 

If you know she has a thing for chocolate, coffee, tea, and other goodies, Boodles of Baskets has some of the best gifts for Mom to satiate her sweet tooth while making her feel appreciated and loved:

  • Among our Mother’s Day gift baskets is the Specialty Café for the type of mother who loves her coffee, tea, and gourmet desserts. She might not have the chance to lounge at Parisian cafés, watching the hustle and bustle of the street. And current travel restrictions means she won’t be able to take time in the evening to gaze out across a breathtaking Italian landscape. However, with this basket, she’ll have the next best thing, enjoying almond biscotti, gourmet ice tea, sugar cookies, French truffles, cappuccino mix, English breakfast tea, and much more.
  • For the mom who works hard in and out of the home, our Rejuvenate gift basket features a large bottle of Brompton and Langley coconut milk and nectarine body wash with matching hand cream to help her relax. It includes some delectable treats, such as Lindt truffles, watermelon candies, raspberry tea, and Dolcetto chocolate wafer sticks. 
  • Does your mom like salty snacks when she watches a good movie? Our Perfection gift basket is a treasure trove of snacks and sweets, from mini maple cookies and chocolate biscotti to wine and cheese biscuits to smoked salmon and a large box of crackers. This is the perfect basket for her to celebrate and spend some quality time with herself.

Please note: As always, Boodles of Baskets allows customers to add a 9-inch balloon, imprinted ribbon, and in this case, a cocktail kit (alcohol not included).

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What Can I Send Instead of Flowers for Mother’s Day?


Why show Mom some love only on Mother’s Day? We bet she would enjoy receiving a lovely bouquet each month, right? If she can’t plant her own, sign her up for a flower subscription, so she’ll have a year of beautiful flowers.

Flowers are one of the traditional Mother’s Day gifts to give since the occasion is during the full swing of spring, and it brightens up most people’s day. But sometimes, you want to send something more meaningful or practical. 

Check out some of these gift ideas that would suit your type of mother! 


Gifts for Mom: The Worker or Hobbyist


You know your mom can work a bit too hard some days, so a set of loungewear or pyjamas can encourage her to take things easy and to make time for herself. Whether she’s listening to music, reading a book, or playing with her pet, a set of loungewear or pyjamas will help her to feel comfy and relaxed. (Just make sure you know what colours and patterns she likes!)

If you know she has trouble sleeping or suffers from a condition, such as anxiety or ADHD, a weighted blanket can help to calm her down, so she gets her rest. It can act as easy at-home therapy since going out is a hassle these days. It’s also a natural solution.

With people spending more time at home, why not provide Mom with items for her hobbies or get her to try something new? If she loves to cook or has said she’s always wanted to make a certain gourmet dessert, get her a cookbook. It will help to pass the time and introduce her and the family to new tastes. If she has other hobbies, there are always tons of How-To books out there. From knitting to drawing to cool DIY home projects, give Mom a window into a whole new world!

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Gifts for Mom: The Fashionista


Whether your mom is someone who likes to look put-together or just wear the latest fashions, a Mother’s Day gift of jewellery or haute couture will be the undeniable choice. 

To help her to flaunt her style, be sure you’ve paid attention to her wardrobe and her tastes. Consider what she wears the most, such as earrings versus necklaces versus rings. Does she have an undying love for silk scarves? If you can’t peek in her closet, browse recent photos to get a good idea for what she’d like. 

Or you can always point her in a new direction. For example, if she doesn’t have any brooches, finding one with a design that suits her personality and interests may be a unique gift she treasures.


Gifts for Mom: The Health Enthusiast


The best gifts for the active mother are usually accessories she can use for her workout. Maybe it’s time for her to retire an old hoodie or find an item that will solve a problem. Try these popular Mother’s Day gift ideas:

  • A reusable water canister
  • A yoga mat 
  • Wireless earbuds or headphones
  • A baseball cap and sunglasses
  • Workout gloves
  • Epsom bath salt packs
  • Gym equipment
  • A portable blender

These ideas will help her to stay motivated and healthy while looking good, whether she’s started dieting or following a fitness routine. A little encouragement can go a long way!


Gifts for Mom the Gardener


If she’s a mom who loves the outdoors and has a green thumb, we have a few options for you. 

With everyone remaining indoors more often, help her to create her sanctuary with cool plants and accessories, such as: 

  • An indoor gardening kit
  • Geometric plant hangers
  • A terrarium
  • Floral fragrance jars
  • Decorative pots
  • Books on plants and how to take care of them
  • Plant-Themed prints
  • Plant-Themed apparel
  • Gardening tools

If you can, spend some time with her out in the garden or shopping for plants to really make the day special!

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Family Time with Mom


Talk to your mom on the phone or video chat with her while making a meal together. Even if you’re at a distance, you can still make some family memories. 

If you and your mom shared a special moment that you want to cherish, develop the photo and find a picture frame that will suit the décor of her home. In this case, having a matching one for your own home will make the moment even more special. Just be sure to choose a time that both you and your mom enjoyed. 

With these fun and flavourful Mother’s Day gift ideas, you’re sure to lift her spirits and remind her that she’s a remarkable lady!

Remember: You can always order one of our premier Mother’s Day gift baskets, so she receives a surprise in the mail while also giving her a gift that she can use in her day-to-day routine.


Give Mom the Best Mother’s Day with Boodles of Baskets


There are many different ways to celebrate your Mom, Nona, and other motherly figures you know. Whether you give a gift or spend time with them, Mom will love that you’re putting thought and care into it. 

Mother’s Day is more than just gift-giving, but it’s still nice to do, so don’t let yourself get too stressed over what to buy. Boodles of Baskets is here to make it easy for you.

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