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Thanksgiving Gift Ideas to Bring You Closer in 2021

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Thanksgiving Gift Ideas to Bring You Closer in 2021


Are you the host for this year’s party for the holidays? A good home cook is always prepared to receive their guests with drinks, flowers on the table, a delicious dinner cooking on the stove, and maybe even tea or coffee on standby with the pumpkin pie ready for dessert.

But not everyone can make it every year, so what can you do if you’re missing a guest (or if you’re the guest that can’t make it to dinner? Sending a Thanksgiving gift basket of course! These fantastic Thanksgiving Gift Baskets bring people together, and make them feel like family, even from far away. 

Remember, the Canadian Thanksgiving is October 11, 2021 and the American Thanksgiving is November 25, 2021. If you think a Gift Basket would be appreciated, make sure to place your order in time!


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Do You Give Thanksgiving Gifts?

Presents are not usually exchanged on Thanksgiving, whether it’s in Canada or the United States. Thanksgiving focuses on quality with family, celebrating what people are grateful for, watching football games, and most importantly, food.

Whether it’s baking together or helping the matron of the family cook the Thanksgiving feast, food holds the limelight during this occasion. But if you can’t travel to see your family or want to wish your friends a lovely holiday season, sending Thanksgiving gifts is a great option.

You can customize the gift if you know your friend or Thanksgiving host well, but the best solution is Thanksgiving gift baskets


What Do You Put in a Thanksgiving Gift Basket?

Providing autumn-themed gifts make an excellent Thanksgiving gift basket. And luckily, they’re our specialty! A bottle of wine, cheese board, and assorted crackers and cheese can make for a perfect holiday basket. 

But if you want to save time and cut down on your stress (the chaotic Christmas shopping is just around the corner), find the right style of gift basket from our selection. Here are a few ideas:


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Thanksgiving Host and Hostess


Your host and hostess have spent hours preparing and cooking various dishes for dinner, such as the cheese plate, vegetables, and turkey. Why not send them your regards with dessert? The Colors of Fall gift box is full of sweet treats they can snack on for days, including Lindt caramel truffles, Almond Roca, chocolate Cream Puffs, Almond Hazelnut Biscotti. 

If you know the host is a wine lover, a bottle of their favorite kind is another gift you can give, and if they don’t drink, an assorted box of tea or coffee will be just good.


College or University Student


Whether your child is in a dorm room or their own apartment, sending a gift basket with food and some essential kitchen items will help them feel more at home. Sending them a cutting board, mason jars, tupperware for leftovers, or a book of recipes with some nibbles will show that they have not been forgotten. 

With Fruit of the Land, your child can indulge in Cookie It Up salted caramel shortbread, brie cheese and Niagara-based Kurtz Farms chutney, jams, and more. ANd the decorative leaves can be added to their fall home décor. 


Far from Home


If your family members are in another country and can’t return home to the Great White North, sending them Thanksgiving gifts that are proudly Canadian will help to ease their hearts.


Our Canadian Made gift basket boasts a cornucopia of maple delights, from beaver droppings (maple peanuts) to maple candies to roasted maple pumpkin seeds. And they will also get the good stuff: maple syrup!


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Show Gratitude This Holiday Season with a Festive Gift Basket

Honour your host and hostess at the party or your loved ones abroad with a Boodles of Baskets’ Thanksgiving gift basket. You can always add additional gifts to our baskets once they’re in your hands, such as wine, flowers, or puzzles for children.  


No matter what your situation is, t’is the season to celebrate what we are grateful for in life. Contact us for more information about our gift baskets![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]