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Taking Time To Enjoy Success in Business

The other day, we enjoyed a balmy 50 degree day (Yes, in the middle of winter! that is what made it so special).  I took my dog for a long walk and watched the sheer joy in his step, that the day was such a beautiful one.  He was in no hurry. He was enjoying the moment.

How many times do we stop to enjoy a particularly successful moment in our business. Sometimes we are so busy rushing from task to task, we forget to take a few minutes each day to be in the moment and be thankful for the large and tiny successes in our business.

Just the simple fact that we are our own bosses’ is something to be thankful for.

What about that kind comment from a customer. We remember to thank them for their kind words, but do we really stop and take a moment to enjoy the compliment for what it truly is?  You helped another human being today!

What about that referral order you just received.  Someone appreciated your work so much that they referred you to a friend or colleague.  What trust!

How about that moment when you discover a great new product that you know will be the perfect addition to your line? Do you take time to enjoy the feeling, the rush, the excitement?

What about the referrals you provide to your customers.  I know there have been times that a customer needed something delivered within an hour or two to another city which we couldn’t service that quickly.  I have happily referred them to another gift basket company that I trust, because I want to help them get what they need, when they need it.  It’s a good feeling when you can help a customer this way. Enjoy the moment.

I guess when you think about it, our lives are just a string of moments put together to make a lifetime.  Seize as many moments as you can to make your life full and meaningful.

Remember, enjoy success in business whether it is tiny or not and take it from my dog Sparky, enjoy the moment, you don’t know when you’ll be privileged to get another one as great.