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Being a mom of four children, I’m often asked how I fit everything into my day and still be a good mother, loving wife and successful business owner.  First off, I must admit, I am a hard worker and do not mind working long hours, but my favorite hint about doing it all is what I like to call “Snippits of Time”.  Snippits are very small windows of time that often go unnoticed and wasted.  I find snippits everywhere!  It even became a self challenge to find extra time hiding in my days.  Examples are, when my daughter has a soccer practice or game.  They always need to be there 15 minutes to 1/2 hour early. Or when I arrive a few minutes early when picking someone up after lessons or school.  I sit in my car and catch up on paperwork or phone calls during this time.  How about when I’m a few minutes early for an appointment? I can read that trade magazine I’ve been trying to get to. Get up 15 minutes earlier than your usual wake up time, or go to bed 15 minutes later than usual and you will be amazed at how this time adds up!  I’ve even been able to incorporate exercise by using up those snippets for mini workouts!  Take a few minutes during the next several days to search for all of your lost minutes.  You’ll be thrilled at what you find!  Happy hunting.

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