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Running your own business or just plain running!

Recently, I have increased my workout schedule to improve results.  While doing some cardio, I got to thinking how much starting an exercise program is very much like starting a business.

1) You have specific goals in mind for both.

2) You must set up a schedule and maintain that schedule and be willing to go the extra mile to achieve the results you’re after.

3) Sometimes you’ll have soreness or pain while your muscles or business gets used to new growth.

4) If you work hard and remain dedicated, you are sure to see some great results.

5) If you do not pay attention or become lazy and uncommitted, you will see results flagger and die out.

6) You have to be willing to change and adapt in order to achieve optimal results.

7) Sometimes you’ll wonder what the heck you were thinking of to take such a commitment on!

In the end, you can see the road ahead, you’ll  know where you’re going, you can begin to see results, and it motivates you to push yourself harder than you ever thought you could push. To dig deeper than you ever thought you were capable of digging and to smile broadly, when you succeed and reach one goal and then the next, and then the next, and then the next…………………