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Rainbow Blast POP! POP! POP!

Tutti Fruitti Rainbow Popcorn

Tutti Fruitti Rainbow Popcorn

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I don’t know about you but I think popcorn should be one of the major food groups. I just love a good bowl (bag, tin, whatever container I can get it in) of popcorn. Anytime of the day, it’s the perfect snack. Well, our popcorn is one of the best, if I don’t say so myself. It is popped fresh to order every day. The Tutti Fruiti is just that. A blast of flavors in every bite. Multicolored candy popcorn, perfectly popped and covered evenly to make each mouthful a party of flavor. Kids love this flavor because when you open the lid of the designer tin (one that you select) all you see are bright and cheery popped kernels. The 3 1/2 gallon tin holds plenty of popcorn so if you need a gift for a birthday or maybe on office event or (our most popular time) Christmas.  The small or large pail is a great personal gift. What makes a better gift for your corporate gift giving that a big tin of popcorn in a beautiful Holiday tin!

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