Burgers Fries And Milk Shakes

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Summer Food Gift Baskets and BBQ Food Gift Ideas

This basket is perfect for the burger lover!  Inside you will find all kinds of goodies to make your next meal extra delicious.  Use the hearty garlic burger seasoning to make the best burgers you’ve ever tasted! Add some spicy fries, parmesan potato wedges or sweet potato fry seasoning (all included), top with some amazing gourmet ketchup, maple mustard and roasted garlic aoli and you’ll have a meal that will be remembered for a lifetime! And if you’re thirsty, you’ll be happy to know we’ve included the best ever made lemonade and raspberry lemonade mix, as well as French vanilla and maple chocolate milk shake mixes.

Approx. measurements (unwrapped):
12″ x 10″ x 19″

Not Available

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