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One of the questions I get asked by friends and customers alike is what kind of gift should I be bringing as a hostess gift or how much should I spend on a Teacher’s Gift?  Although the cost is entirely personal, there are some things to keep in mind.  Think about the recipient of the gift?  Are they the type who would enjoy something for themselves?  Perhaps a little treat they could enjoy after everyone has left or the students have gone home?  If they are the type who would love to indulge in a treat solely for themselves perhaps something like our Mug Hugs would do the trick.  This gorgeous gift box comes with a porcelain mug with knitted warmer in rich red, porcelain spoon and two delicious gourmet hot chocolates.  However, if you think they would appreciate something they could share with their guests or students you might want to consider our Hum Bug or our Candy Stripes.  Both have delicious candy treats, but they also come in a glass candy holder with lid which can be re-used and enjoyed by your hostess or child’s teacher.  The most important thing when purchasing a gift is try to think of the recipient; this will make your gift more personal and ensure its enjoyment.

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