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First, let me tell you that all of our products have been taste tested either by myself, my staff or family members.  I, for the good of the company, have taken it upon myself, personally, to test everything chocolate.  I know it is a sacrifice, but someone has to do it and as you have already read, I am a perfectionist.  (Sometimes I need to try a product over and over again before I am sure it is delicious! 🙂 ). 

Now normally, I am a healthy eater and do participate in a regular fitness program, but I am a firm believer that treats, in moderation, are good for your spirit!  Over the years, I have had many favorites.  My first chocolate love, when I started my business, were Fine French Truffles.  These are to die for and we still carry them in many of our designs.  They are a melt in your mouth chocolate truffle, dusted with a cocoa powder coating and they truly melt in your mouth!  They can be found in our All That Glitters basket. 

Now I have never been a huge cookie eater, but I must tell you that when our baker presented our fresh baked cookies for the first time, I became a cookie fan.  My favorite is the chocolate chunk and monster…..yum!  I have had several satisfied customers tell me that they are the best cookies they’ve ever tasted, and I have to agree! 

Lastly, my confession wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention our chocolate walnut fudge (and although it is not chocolate, our praline and cream fudge).  Both these fudge are smooth, creamy and delicious.  The chocolate walnut has large chunks of walnut.  The praline and cream is layered with vanilla fudge and a sticky sweet praline filling sandwiched in the middle.  At Christmas time, I put out a platter of fudge for our seasonal workers. Although everyone immediately went for their favorites, I encouraged them all to taste the praline and cream.  You know what happened?  It was voted the #1 favorite!  Not only am I proud of the flavours of our fudge, I’m proud of the look.    If have a minute, have a look for yourself at

Lately, whenever I’m looking for that “chocolate fix”  my favorite of the moment would be our Ghirardelli dark chocolate bars.  I love Ghirardelli and Lindt chocolates.  They are full of flavour and don’t have that waxy after taste that many less expensive chocolates have nowadays.  That’s why we use Lindt chocolates in our Easter baskets.  In my humble opinion, it is worth the few extra dollars to send a premium chocolate basket.

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