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Giving It Away

At Boodles of Baskets, we have taken a planned approach to donations and have devised the following strategy.  Every year we choose an organization or two to concentrate on.  Throughout the year, we donate our time, as well as product and monetary donations to these organizations to help make a difference.  Upon our yearly review, we might change organizations or decide to support the same one for another year.  This approach has worked very well for us, as we have these organizations in our mind whenever an opportunity presents itself.  For example, the Katelyn Bedard Bone Marrow Association.  Here is a little about the organization from their website:

The Katelyn Bedard Bone Marrow Associationwas founded in July 2005 by Bryan and Joanne Bedard of Windsor, Ontario in Canada. Bryan and Joanne were inspired to start this association after losing their daughter Katelyn to Leukemia at the age of 3, when she was not able to find a bone marrow donor.

What does our organization do?

  • Raise awareness about the desperate need for bone marrow donors and encourage people to join the bone marrow registry
  • Provide financial support to patients undergoing a bone marrow transplant through our Family Support Program.
  • Sponsor bone marrow transplant related research in hopes of finding better alternatives for patients faced with a bone marrow transplant

As you know, if you’ve been to our site, we sell Webkinz.  Well, the manufacturer of Webkinz started a charitable foundation and was looking for charitable organizations to receive their donations.  Because the Katelyn Bedard Bone Marrow Association was a charity we were dedicated to , we immediately recommended them, which led to a substantial donation for their organization.  We, at Boodles of Baskets feel that by having a donation strategy such as the one we have implemented, we can better help the organizations we are supporting.  It is our way of trying to make a difference.