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Gift Basket Companies are not that different from Squirrels

Don’t laugh, it is true.  Come late fall the squirrels are busily scurrying from place to place trying to find the best of the best nuts and seeds to get them through the cold winter.

Gift basket companies are busily scouring catalogs and going from supplier to supplier to find the best of the best gourmet products to ensure they have plenty of the right items to offer their clients during the busy Christmas season.

Squirrels understand that they must work non-stop to ensure that they are ready when winter arrives

Gift basket companies understand that they must work non-stop to ensure that they are ready for the busy holiday season.

Squirrels know that they must tread lightly and be aware of their surroundings to ensure that a hunting hawk doesn’t find them unaware, and hurt, or possibly kill them

Gift basket companies must also tread lightly and know what their customers want to ensure that they are not stuck with large quantities of inventory that will not sell, and will hurt their bottom line or kill their business.

Squirrels are constantly looking around and keeping their ears open for something new or better.

Gift basket companies are always looking and listening for the next new thing by attending trade shows and visiting suppliers to ensure their customers have the best and brightest.

Squirrels might just be medium sized rodents to most, but to me, they are industrious, hard working, conscientious workers and I’m proud to be compared to them LOL!