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On a trip up north one year, we stopped by one of those road side tourist shops.  Once inside the intoxicating smell of chocolate lead me to the back of the store, where a mouth watering arrangement of fudge was displayed for the buying.  Being a HUGE chocolate fan, I bought several chocolate selections and a few non-chocolate fudge pieces on the recommendation of the store clerk.
As I sat at our camping site enjoying every last morsel (of course, I shared some with my family, I’m not a glutten 🙂 ) all I could think about was, I can’t live without this stuff in my life! Where can I find this stuff closer to home?  I brought some home for my extended family to try.  Same reaction!  My next thought was…my customers would love this fudge!  So, I began researching fudge recipes, techniques, etc, etc and several months later (and lots of fudge sampling) we announced the birth of Boodles of Fudge.  Not only is our fudge down right fresh and delicious it is a great affordable gift.

But more on this in my next post 🙂