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A lot of customers aren’t familiar with the time it takes for Christmas gift baskets to get delivered throughout Canada and the USA, and lets face it, I wouldn’t know either, if we weren’t shipping hundreds of gift baskets  each day during the Christmas season.

My daughter like to tease me that I sometimes forget to pick her up after school, or from a friends, but I can tell you, from memory, how long it will take a basket to arrive in British Columbia by regular ground shipping or by guaranteed delivery methods without so much as a hesitation!

Anyway, for those who don’t know, but would love to strike off “How long does it take to ship gift baskets across the country?” from their bucket list, here we go:

P.S. Ground shipping is not guaranteed, but is a pretty good estimate based on major areas. Remote areas and PO Box addresses may take longer.  Also keep in mind these are BUSINESS days and do not include the day of order.  eg. if you order on a Saturday, your order will be shipped on Monday, this would be considered day zero, first day of shipping would be Tuesday. Select shipping is not available in more remote locations or to PO Box addresses.

British Columbia-
ground- 4 days
guaranteed 2 days

ground 4 days
guaranteed 2 days

ground 3-4 days
guaranteed 2 days

ground 2-3 days
guaranteed 2 days

ground 1 day
guaranteed 1 day

ground 1 day
guaranteed 1 day

Nova Scotia
ground 2-3 days
guarnteed 2 days

New Brunswick
ground 2-3 days
guaranteed 2 days

ground 3-7 days
guarnteed 2 days

3-5 days
guaranteed-not available to most areas

USA-No Guaranteed shipping
East Coast-3-5 days
Mid-western 3-5 days
Southern USA 3-5 days
West Coast 5-7 days

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