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Canadian Gift Baskets


In my city, we have a home which is completely painted red and white.  Its shutters have maple leaf cut outs and there is a large Canadian Flag proudly waving in the wind from their front yard.  Every time I pass this house, I smile.  This house speaks for many of us.  Regardless of where we reside during our life times, our heart belongs to our home country of Canada.  It is with this pride, that we have designed a Canadian gift basket line.  This line includes delicious maple products extracted from Canadian maples.
When I was a teenager, I actually visited a “sugar shack” in Quebec.  Sugar Shacks are working maple sugar farms where you can participate in maple sap collection and be involved in its processing.  One of the amazing things is how much maple sap must be boiled down to produce small amounts of maple syrup.  But the taste is well worth the wait. That evening, we dined on pancakes, ham and beans, smothered in pure maple syrup.  Truly an experience to remember.  It was with these thoughts in mind, that I created our Canadian gift baskets.
What surprised me were the reasons and events our customers were giving these baskets for: Canada Day, as a gift to a new Canadian citizen, to US friends and customers, who’ve enjoyed these fabulous products when they’ve visited Canada in the past, and year round, to those Canadians living abroad to bring them tastes of home.  Our goal is to ensure that our baskets depict warm feelings of a wonderful country that we are truly lucky to call home.