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Best Ideas for Boys’ Easter Baskets

For many young boys, the Easter egg hunt is a favourite tradition. Hunting is the best part because it’s like searching for a pirate’s lost treasure, only much tastier. But it’s not every boy who likes chocolate—or even candy.

And when boys grow up, their tastes change. So, what should you get them when they get a little bit older? Easter gift baskets, of course! They’re a great way to provide several choices of items for your child or teen to enjoy. Boodles of Baskets has provided a few ideas for boys gift baskets to help you out.


What to Put in Children’s Easter Baskets?

An Easter basket you give to your toddler won’t contain the same things as a gift basket for your tween. Consider their current interests and favourites, from their activities to their food brands, because young children are picky. One brand may make the same product better than another, so pay close attention!

Our Easter gift basket ideas can also help you give one large gift to siblings that are close in age. With the variety of items in the basket, everyone will be happy. Don’t forget that we’re happy to work with you and make substitutions, so your little ruffians get an Easter basket they’re sure to love!

Junk Food Jamboree

If their grandparents and other relatives have spoiled them with a lot of chocolate, an Easter gift basket with other delicious treats will be sure to delight your child. Boodles of Baskets offers many assortments, but our For Kids Only Easter basket may be the winner!

It contains some premiere chocolates and fan-favorites, including Reese’s minis, but it also has Razzles tropical, Pringles, Bits & Bites, Nerds, and colourful candy corn. You can add a plush Easter Bunny or a balloon, as well as have the basket wrapped with an imprinted ribbon that can say “Happy Easter.”

For a larger Easter gift basket, your kids will love our Easter Candy Classic Bouquet. This basket is filled with a rainbow of packages that include a yummy array of treats from Necco wafers and KitKat chocolate to Laffy Taffy and Starburst to Pringles and Aero chocolate. Now, this basket is a true treasure trove that several children can dig into without them noticing Mom or Dad sneaking a goodie or two out for themselves.

Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

You know your little angel best, so chips and candy might not be something that egg-cites them come Easter morning. Whether you decide to order one of our delectable Easter baskets or make your own from scratch, there are hundreds of Easter basket ideas for boys that would make for excellent stuffers.

What toys does your son, nephew, or cousin play with? What shows do they watch? Who are their heroes? Finding items that have the theme of their favourite characters and interests are perfect for Easter gifts:

  • An Avengers colouring book
  • A LEGO® Star Wars kit
  • Hot Wheels® cars
  • A rocket building kit
  • A clay dinosaur kit

Some Easter basket ideas for boys can also include Easter-themed and religious-themed items, from a Peter Cottontail watercolour set to an illustrated storybook depicting the resurrection of Jesus.

An alternative Easter basket idea is to order one of our baskets and include a stuffer in the basket as the centre of attention.


What Do You Put in an Easter Basket for Teens?

Easter gift basket ideas for boys—teen boys—are a little easier because they’re more open to trying new things.


Junk Food Jamboree

If your teen is candy-crazy, the It’s in the Easter Basket is perfect for them! Wrapped in a large bow are a variety of sweet and tasty candies, including Mike and Ike, Bottle Caps, Razzles, Runts, and Gobstoppers. The nice part about this is that teen boys are a little more responsible, so they’re less likely to overindulge their candy cravings while Mom and Dad’s backs are turned.

You can also choose the Easter Smiles and Giggles basket, which has many candy favourites, such as Gobstoppers, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, and includes key lime cookies.

Easter Basket Stuffer Ideas

Easter basket ideas for teens can be stuffers that improve their body and mind or introduce them to different cultures, for example:

  • A Scopa card game
  • A Kendama
  • A National Geographic kit
  • A hydro football
  • A toy spy case

There are endless possibilities when it comes to Easter basket ideas for boys!


Non-Candy Easter Baskets

At Boodles of Baskets, we’re happy to help you make a fun Easter basket that appeals to your boys’ tastes. We can replace candy items with our other products, such as chips, chocolates, a balloon, and a plush toy.

Get More Easter Basket Ideas for Boys

It may be traditional to eat chocolate or have a scavenger hunt, but not all boys like those things. So, celebrate the coming of spring with an Easter basket your kids will love no matter their age. Boodles and Baskets can customize your order with product replacements and include additional gifts, like a plush Easter Bunny.

We ship across Canada and the USA, so check out our shipping policy to ensure your basket arrives on time. Instead of Easter eggs, you can always use the items in the Easter basket for a scavenger hunt to spice things up.

Contact us today to put together a customized Easter basket for your little one!