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Balloon Bouquets

Balloons are a great alternative to a gift basket.  We are able to ship up to three balloons, in a shipping box. When the recipient opens the box, the balloons pop out!  Our balloons weight options are as follows:  standard sand weight (looks like birthday present or party hat), this is a great option when you want to send a gift, but need to keep your costs down.  If the recipient is a chocolate lover, you might choose to add a pound of Hershey’s Kisses or Smarties.  Another option would be to add a plush animal.  We offer a variety of sizes and price ranges and there is something for everyone!  Balloons are an affordable gift alternative for many occasions, including, get well, birthday, new baby and love, to name a few.  We do not ship latex balloons, as they are too fragile and latex allergies are on the increase, however, the mylar balloons we ship have the added benefit of lasting for up to 2 weeks and are refillable.  So next time you’re looking for a gift and want it to have a WOW factor, think about sending a balloon bouquet.