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Baby Gift Baskets Sales Trends

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The other day, my staff and I got to discussing baby gift baskets and the trend we see in regards to sales.  Although this is not even close to an scientific study, we thought it would be interesting to share on our blog.

Although the average price spent on baby gift baskets fluctuates based on the economy, (in 2007 the average money spent on a baby gift basket was $150, in 2009 the average purchase has dropped to around $120), one thing remains the same.  There is a clear increase in purchases of Baby Gift Baskets during the early summer to early fall.  Now the reasons for this could be many, but here are our thoughts:

-having maternity leave during the summer months is preferable as you are able to do more with the baby.  Who wants to bundle a colicky baby up for a walk in two feet of snow?!  It is so much nicer to put on the sunglasses, grab a good book, walk your baby to sleep and find a nice shady tree under which you can sit, be it to read or to slumber along with your little cherub.

-in this age of go, go, go, perhaps baby deliveries are planned for this time of year, as everyone’s schedule seem to slow down more.  In many industries, the summer months tend to be slower, (although garden shops, camping and boat shops would disagree!) Having a baby during these slower times decreases the burden on the employer and eliminates the stress and guilt on the employee who requires time off.

Our most tongue in cheek conclusion:


-it is just so cold during the winter that there is not a lot to do…so why not make a baby!

This is our favorite (and secretly our most believed) reason.  I won’t go into details, but if you’ve ever experienced a Canadian winter, I’m sure you know what I mean!

Regardless of the REASON couples decide to have their babies birthed during the early summer to early fall season every year, we have learned to be prepared!  We design several new gift baskets every year in anticipation of the flood of orders that always comes. We have themed gift baskets for girl babies, boy babies and neutral (in case our customer is unsure of the baby’s sex).  Our staff always looks forward to designing these sweet, frilly baskets that are filled with oh so soft items and smell of baby talc. 

Now, how to get parents to have more babies…hmmm……I guess I’ll save that for another blog!