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When we decided to introduce candy bouquets several years ago we, (as always), did lots of research before hand.  We investigated buying a franchise, but found that the candy bouquets offered, although beautiful, did not have a lot of candy in each bouquet.  They did not meet our mandate that our gifts must be designed to be worth the money spent on them and something we would be happy to receive ourselves.  So my research team (myself, my husband and 4 children-ages 21,20, 18, 11) started looking at what exactly we’d like to offer.  My husband Ron and I kept a close eye out while perusing trade shows, for ideas and products.  FINALLY, we were able to find a few great suppliers of great candies and chocolates.  From Movie size Gobstoppers to Jujubes to retro Necco wafers our Candy Bouquets are filled to the brim with mouth watering treats.  Our Candy Bouquets are bright, fun and a joy to receive,  with many customers choosing them every time they need a gift. The success of our candy bouquets have been the result of listening to our customers wants and requests, carefully researching and planning the products, pricing and presentation, producing several design options and offering the creations to our satisfied customers. Ready to place an order?  See our Candy Bouquets

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