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Whimsical and Fun Christmas Gift Baskets to Canada

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Sending Christmas gift baskets to Canada doesn’t have to be all serious.  Why not send something fun and different!  Cherylann and her elves like to create original gifts in original containers. We understand that sometimes you need something more traditional, but when the opportunity arises, why not send something truly original.  How about our Gingerbread House  or our Santa’s Drawers?  Yes you’ve heard it right folks, we, at Boodles of Baskets, have commandeered Santa’s pants and filled them with delectable treats and Santa couldn’t be happier!  Although these gifts seem to be geared more to children, it is in fact quite the opposite.  These items, and many just like them are often sent to offices and customers.  They are different and unique.  Thus, they stand out more than your everyday basket would.  If you received some delicious treats in a pair of Santa’s pants, wouldn’t you remember who sent them to you?  Wouldn’t you tell your friends and colleagues about the original gift item you received?  Wouldn’t you go home and share it with your family?  And then what do you think your friends, colleagues and family will do?  They will pass on the story to others.  The Gingerbread House is another unique item.  It is actually a gift box with removable lid.  It is so beautifully designed that we’re sure the recipients will find other uses for this container once the gifts are gone.  They could use it to hold Christmas cards, Christmas trinkets or even more candy and treats.  The idea of sending a whimsical gift for Christmas might not always be the right choice, but when the opportunity arises, we encourage you to seize it and send a fun gift for Christmas to your favourite someone.