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What’s the difference between a Boodles of Baskets Gift Basket and a Costco Gift Basket?

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how a Boodles of Baskets gift basket differs from a Costco gift basket.  I thought I’d take a few minutes today to answer this.

Although many of the items in a Costco basket appear similar to a Boodles of Baskets’ basket, Boodles of Baskets purchases our products on a monthly basis to ensure we offer our customers the freshest ingredients with the longest shelf life.  We do not even begin building our Christmas gift baskets until mid-November.  By mid-November, Costco’s gift basket have been sitting on their shelves or in their warehouse for months.

Costco’s gift baskets are wrapped in a cello gift bag or clear cello wrap and if you’ve ever picked up or handled one of their baskets, you can see how fragile their wrap is and how easily it can tear.  Boodles of Baskets wraps all of our gift baskets by hand, with high quality printed cellophane that can withstand the rigors of shipping. We guarantee your basket will arrive looking as beautiful as when it leaves our workshop.

Each of Boodles of Baskets’ gift baskets are carefully and creatively assembled and arranged by hand. Costco’s gift baskets are mass produced using plastic molds to hold many of the products.

Costco uses pre-fab bows with very few loops.  All of Boodles of Baskets’ baskets come with big, fluffy bows. We hand tie and pull each and every one of them so they always look beautiful and full.

Each of Boodles of Baskets’ staff is educated and experienced to be able to make real, beneficial recommendations to ensure you receive the perfect basket for your event or gift giving situation.

Boodles of Baskets offers gift baskets year round. So whether you need a birthday gift, get well, anniversary, etc, we’re always here for you. Costco sells gift baskets mainly at Christmas time only.

At Boodles of Baskets, we do gifting. That’s all we do, and there lies our expertise.  We may not be able to recommend the cheapest toilet paper, but we do know baskets, cookies,  popcorn and fudge gifts.  Over 23 years of continued customer loyalty can’t be wrong.

We are a small business and your business matters to us.  Without you, we don’t exist. And we strive to make every gift giving experience easy, pleasant and successful for you. Because your success and happiness is our success and happiness.

We are here to serve you. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

Warm regards,

Cherylann Stachow, owner